A New way to Work and Learn. Not Just a typical Freelancing Platform.

Project ANT is a full cycle solution to develop your skills, showcase your portfolio, and get paid and relevant experience in your desired work function.
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The Product

Project ANT provides a new way to work and learn through collaborative online projects, open
online courses, and digital freelancing. Our unique and innovative platform ensures that individuals are best prepared for the workplace of the future and have the opportunities, resources, and guidance to achieve their professional goals.

Our product consists of 3 core components that will support and facilitate your journey:

Learning Path

A personalized recommendation path comprised of online courses, hackathons, and conferences/events tailored to get you your long term career interests and become the best candidate for your desired job/to your desired company.

Match Maker

Integrated with the learning path, the matchmaker connects you to paid real world projects and hiring companies that align with your selected newly learnt (or previous) skills, desired industry, and level of experience. 

Digital Portfolio

A unique way to showcase your completed projects, accomplishments, references, and skills to potential employers and build that credibility and authenticity that distinguishes your profile from the competition.

About Us

We at ANT understand that with constantly evolving technology came new ways to work and learn, such as remote working, collaborative online projects, selective online courses, and digital freelancing in the gig economy.

Why it Works

70% of people don't have a clear path towards finding and completing meaningful projects during their school years, and therefore do not have developed portfolios they can showcase when they are applying for full time opportunities or internships. Moreover, employers are 90% more likely to hire individuals with verified experiences and certifications.

As a solution, ANT offers:

1) The first platform developed for personalized and goal-oriented freelancing.
2) Projects linked to long term career development instead of temporary gigs.
3) A personalized learning path for skills building and portfolio crafting.
4) A digital portfolio section that will showcase your skills and highlight your achievements to make you stand out to recruiters, employers, and collaborators.

Our Supporters


Areeb Mianoor

University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada
Karachi, Pakistan
Product - Digital Portfolio
Kelly Zhou
Product - Digital Portfolio

University of Texas
Houston, USA

Product & Design
Milap Patel 
Product & Design

University of California
Davis, USA

Product - Learning Path
Simrah Shaik
Product - Learning Path

University of Illinois
Chicago, USA

Product - Project
Natasha Hsu
Product - Project

Northeastern University
Taipei, Taiwan
Product - Digital Portfolio
Jaswinder Pal Singh 
Product - Digital Portfolio

New York University
Vancouver, Canada

Olivia Lee

Stanford University,


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